Our range of polyethylene pipe and fittings have been specifically developed to cater for the operational, environmental and regulatory demands placed on pipeline networks.  

First used in gas, then water applications, the benefits of plastic pipes have been widespread and polyethylene pipes are routinely adopted for pipeline projects in a wider range of market sectors.  The flexibility, adaptability and versatility of polyethylene pipes have been particularly recognised in power and energy pipeline applications, notably, in renewable energy, as well as in district heating applications in multi-layer composite structures.

District Heating Pipelines

The cost effective alternative solution to metallic pipelines for all district heating applications. The pre-insulated reinforced plastic pipe systems can operate at higher temperatures and pressures and are quick and easy to install.

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Energy & Power Pipelines

A complete pipe and fittings offering ideal for use in renewable energy and power applications. The perfect pipe solution for hydroelectric schemes and geothermal applications and for its use as electricity cable ducting for off-shore and on-shore wind

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Gas Pipelines

A comprehensive range of mains and service pipe and fittings for the distribution of natural gas and suitable manufactured gases. Ideal for the construction of new and replacement gas pipeline infrastructures for pipe systems operating at up to 10 bar

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Non-Potable Water Pipelines

A versatile polyethylene pipe system offering used in a diverse range of applications, from the transportation of wastewater and rainwater, to hydroelectricity, geothermal, fire and sprinkler main and pumped sewer systems.

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Potable Water Pipelines

A corrosion free range of polyethylene and specialist pipe system solutions for the safe transportation of drinking water. We offer innovative pipe designs for use in contaminated land and specialist pipe ideal for no-dig installation technologies.

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