Radius Systems introduce new barcode on all gas pipes

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are introducing new traceability barcodes on all our pipes for gas application. The barcode will be applied to all our GIS PL2:2/8, as well as EN 1555 approved SC80 solid wall yellow pipe, ProFuseĀ® peelable pipe and SC100 solid wall orange pipe in straight lengths and coil formats.

Printed on every metre of pipe during the manufacturing process, the 40 digit barcode which conforms to ISO 12176 (Plastics pipes and fittings - Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems - Part 4: Traceability coding) contains important pipe identification information easily accessible when collecting pipe data. This data is easily captured, using barcode scanner technology to help customers with stock control, identify the pipe material, as well as the GPS location, if used with the appropriate software, saving on manual input and removing the potential for human errors. The new traceability barcode is applied at the end of the printline of all our PE gas pipes and includes the following details:

Table of information.png

The new barcodes will be phased in from the end of March,through planned production runs, by pipe diameter, with existing pipe stocks being phased out.

For more information on the introduction of barcodes on our gas pipes, please get in touch.

e: sales@radius-systems.com, t: +44 (0)1773 811112.

'*' data available from Radius.

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