ProFuse pipe brings gas to Wexford as part of a 16.5 M Euro pipeline infrastructure project

Radius Systems supplied 41 km of their innovative ProFuse peelable pipe to Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) for one of the largest gas infrastructure projects in Ireland, bringing gas to Wexford Town for the first time.

The new 400 mm ProFuse pipeline connects Wexford to the gas network near the Great Island Power Station, located 40 km away in Campile, whilst construction of another distribution pipeline using Radius Systems' PE80 pipe is currently under way around Wexford Town to connect businesses and residents to the gas network.  Tom Berry, Radius Systems Regional Sales Manager explained: "This project is part of the expansion of GNI's gas pipe network in Ireland to bring gas to a number of larger towns not connected to the gas network.  Nenagh, which we reported on last July, and Wexford were chosen as the first two towns for this project and these new gas pipelines will bring huge economic benefits to these towns. The feeder main to Wexford is now complete and with the distribution main currently being installed, the project is on course for completion as planned."

Traditionally, GNI would have used high pressure steel on this type of long distance pipeline scheme; however, they were keen to evaluate the suitability of polyethylene, a material they have previously adopted for their pipelines up to 315 mm in diameter.

ProFuse is a revolutionary high performance PE100 pipe developed by Radius Systems to offer optimum joint integrity, damage protection and reduced installation time and costs to asset owners. The pipe is designed with a unique polypropylene peelable skin which is applied to the core pipe during the manufacturing process and offers excellent abrasion resistance and protects the pipe during handling, transportation and installation. The skin is removed, revealing an immaculate pipe surface ready for jointing using electrofusion or butt-fusion welding techniques.

"This new ProFuse gas pipeline to Wexford was the  ideal opportunity for Radius Systems to work closely with GNI (formerly Bord Gáis Eireann) and demonstrate our ability to develop a solution that meets our customer's exacting criteria for a robust, high performance and sustainable pipe system", Mark Hunter, Radius Systems' Product & Technical Support Manager explained. Mark added: "To confirm the performance of the system, we carried out additional product evaluation, testing and jointing trials and, backed by our engineering expertise, provided on-site training and technical support. This resulted in GNI endorsing ProFuse as their preferred solution for this major infrastructure project."

The new natural gas pipeline, which is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2017, is said to boost the local economy by making the town more attractive for investment and will bring substantial energy cost savings for residents and businesses with the wider aim of using a more reliable and lower carbon emission energy source than oil or coal. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the connection to the natural gas network is Wexford's largest energy consumer, Wexford Creamery Production plant, who, it is claimed, will reduce their energy bill by up to 60%.

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